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Weare Historical Society History

Weare Historical Society’s founding members signed articles of agreement and formulated a constitution in 1971. The purpose of the society, stated in Article II, is “to collect and preserve records and artifacts relating to the town of Weare, New Hampshire; to provide assistance in protecting historical sites in town; and to encourage the study and appreciation of local history.” Edwin Flanders became the first president; Albert S. Farmer, vice president; Barbara Osborne, secretary; and Ruth Lahey, treasurer. Besides these officers, the board of directors consisted of Gordon Ferguson, Robert McLeod, and William Herman (student member).

Since 1971, Weare Historical Society has worked to preserve Weare’s human story. Although many things change—the disappearance of barns, houses rising out of old pastures, and the stones of another dirt road topped with tar—the work of those who helped to build our town during the 18th , 19th and 20th centuries can still be found among historic villages, beautiful old buildings, and preserved artifacts. Weare Historical Society’s mission is to let none of this be forgotten.

Historians such as lifelong resident and President Sherry Burdick researches the history of Weare providing in-depth information and data not found in either town histories, allowing a clearer understanding of early life in Weare.
Throughout the year, the Society presents programs as diverse as the history of town meeting, blacksmithing, and land preservation. Betty Straw another lifelong resident and past President of the Society take history into the schools’ classrooms, making the past real for Weare’s children. Weare Town Hall, the horse sheds behind it, the tramp house, Clinton Grove Academy, and Osborne Memorial Hall have benefited from the Society’s commitment through the SAVE THE BUILDINGS fund.

With the help of the Sawyer Trust, Weare Historical Society built the gazebo in Weare Center, which it donated to the town, and also restored the Stone Building rotunda.

Accomplishments made by the Society:

  • State Marker in North Weare to credit all the mills that were taken in the 38 flood.
  • Placement of Clinton Grove Academy on the State Register of Historic Buildings.
    Placement of the Stone Memorial Building on the State Register of Historic Buildings.
  • A grant from the State of New Hampshire for an assessment of Clinton Grove Academy
  • for $2,250 with the matching amount paid by the Historical Society.
  • A $9,750 grant for reroofing the Clinton Grove Academy to be completed in 2013 with the balance coming from the Mildred Hall Trust.
  • Five Liberty Elms planted on East Street and three Elms planted at Clinton Grove.
  • Beautification Project (bulbs and wild flowers planting).

The Weare Historical Society supports work on the following buildings that are either on the National or State Register of Historic Places:

  • The Stone Memorial Building
  • The Clinton Grove Academy
  • The Weare Town Hall
  • The Paige Memorial Library (currently called the Weare Public Library)

In addition to the above buildings the Society supports work on the Town Horse Shed, the Tramp House, and Osborne Hall.

Since a petitioned warrant article in 1981, when the town voted to assign to the Society the Stone Memorial Building in Weare Center as a museum, an important collection of Weare artifacts and memorabilia, including furniture, kitchen and farm implements, toys made in Weare, diaries, and photographs of local landmarks and residents have been accumulated at this historic site. The Society continues to welcome contributions of items that pertain directly to Weare. The Society can be contacted by mail at the address below.

The Society also provides publications and reprints that speak to Weare’s history. These include old maps and posters, guidebooks, pamphlets, pictorial calendars, and both of Weare’s history books: William Little,1888, and Helen Dearborn, 1959.
Open House is held at the museum and events scheduled during the months of May through October, and in December, as well as on special town occasions, such as the patriotic celebration in July.

The Society welcomes new members. The membership year is October 1 to September 30. Dues are $7.50 for individuals; $5 for seniors (65+) and students; $15 for families; and $25 for businesses and organizations. Lifetime memberships are also available ($250). (Please mail to Weare Historical Society, PO Box 33, Weare, NH 03281.) Members are welcome to attend board meetings held the first Wednesday of each month in the Sawyer Room at Weare Public Library at 7 p.m. The annual meeting and potluck supper is held each October, at which time a new slate of offices and directors is presented to the membership for approval.


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